From crunching data for the derivatives traders at OSTC and for the World Poker Tour, to helping Hutchison Telecom deliver the right offers and rewards to their subscribers, to AI powering enemies in the Call of Duty and Spiderman video game franchises, Blue Beck has a rich history of projects with big data and artificial intelligence.

Our process

Concept validation

This stage is critical, as many as 85% of corporate AI projects are thought to end in failure as they press ahead without properly validating the quality of the data and what can really be achieved with it.


Refine and automate

Improve on the previously built proof of concept to improve insights, along with packaging the solution into software you can deploy within your organisation and integrate with existing systems if required.


Production and support

We optimise and scale your ML deployment according to demand as it enters production. Ongoing support will evolve your machine learning models as you collect new data.